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Hops N Lops Farm

Rabbits and Dairy Goats in Harwinton, CT

Hops N Lops Kantina

ADGA Genetics Pedigree






April 14, 2018

Purebred Nubian

DNA Typed & Parent Qualified

Normal by Parentage


Linear Appraisal History:

DHIR & One Day Milk Tests:

01-09   294DIM   1670   69F   65P   (in progress)

National Show Placings:

2018      19th Place Junior Kid

Progeny in Herd:

                              +*B Kastdemur's Hey Jude

            +*B Begley's-Troubled-Acre J Rumba (05-05) VV+ 85

                               Willow Run Valmont Rhapsody 9*M (02-01) V+VV 86

*B Begley's-Troubled-Acre Skywlkr

                               ++*B SGCH LakeShore-Farms Star Status (06-04) EEE 91 '10,'11 & 13 NS Prmr Sire

             SGCH Begley's-Troubled-Acre Skdlbut 3*M (05-02) EEEE 91

                               SGCH Begley's-Troubled-Acre Dabble 2*M (05-03) EEVE 90

                              J&R Spirit's LFS 1 Hot Tamale (01-02) VVV 88

             ++*B SGCH J&R Spirit's HT-K Kaitai (03-02) EEE 91

                              SGCH Desert-Willow KE CK Kailia (08-07) EEEE 93 2009 Nat'l Reserve Best Udder

SGCH LakeShore Katerina 8*M (03-01) VEVV 88 2016 Nat'l 1st P/U

                              ++*B LakeShore Perfect Storm (02-07) VEE 90

             SGCH LakeShore Perfect Bellissima 7*M (05-02) VEEE 91 2015 Nat'l RGCH, BU & TP

                              SGCH LakeShore Tahitian Beauty 6*M (03-03) V+EV 87

We've waited a long time for this little girl and are already pleased with how she's developing! While she is a smaller and still very immature doe she is extremely correct. Being very long in bone pattern and level across her topline. She is maturity beautifully and freshened with a promising udder. She has a smooth fore udder, well-arched rear and is milking well for her smaller size. She's one to look out for over the next few years!

2019 Show Results & Photos

Eastern States Exposition

1st Place Junior Yearling

2018 Show Results & Photos

ADGA National Show - Columbus, OH

19th Place Junior Kid

Eastern States Exposition

2nd Place Senior Kid

Member of 1st Place Junior Get of Sire