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Hops N Lops Farm

Nubian, Saanen and LaMancha Dairy Goats in Harwinton, CT

GCH Hops N Lops Cold Open 1*M

Saanen Grade (75%)     05/17/2016     DNA Typed     E/F Casein

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History:

2018   (02-01)  +VVV  86

2021   (05-01)  EEEE  91

2022   (06-01)  VEEE  91

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(01-10)   270DIM  2640  82F  76P

(02-08)   248DIM  2230   69F  60P

(04-09)   299DIM  2420   78F  65P 

(05-11)   156DIM  1480   43F  35P (in progress)

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:

2016   4th Place Junior Kid

2018   19th Place Two Year Old

2022   5th Place Five to Six Year Old

2022   High Lifetime Milk Production

2022   High Lifetime Fat

2018 NSBA All American Grade Two Year Old

2017 NSBA All American Grade Senior Yearling

2016 NSBA All American Grade Junior Kid

2021 CDGA Nutmeg Classic Best Senior Doe in Show

2021 NHDGA Show GCH & BOB

2018 Nutmeg Classic RGCH

2017 Nutmeg Classic GCH

2017 Sunny Sisters GCH

                              *B Aspen-Hill's Lethal Weapon  (03-07) VEV 88

            *B Araby-Farm LW Remmington  (02-05) V+V 86

                              GCH Araby-Farm Reanna 3*M  (03-04) VEVE 90

Tunnel's End AFR Joshua  (06-02) VVE 89

                              +*B Aspen-Hill's Jim Dandy

            CH Araby-Farm Jamie  (02-04) VEEV 88

                              GCH Little-Araby Jezabell 4*M  (03-03) VEEE 90

                              +B Briar-Bay WL Smilin' Jack

            +*B Companeros Jack JustInTime  (04-02) VEV 88

                              SG Companeros Stand Out Jade 10*M  (03-04) EEEE 92

Hops N Lops Just This Once  (01-02) +VVE 86


            The Once in a Blue Moon 1*M  (05-01) VEEE 90


Open has been a special doe from the start. I joke she became a favorite after we knew her sire produced skittish kids so it was my personal goal to make her friendly. While she is grumpy as can be, she has definitely become a favorite for her structure as well. 

She was a fairly late baby, but we still brought her along to the 2016 ADGA National Show where she placed fourth in the junior kid class. The photos of the class are funny to see how she stands out for her clear difference in age, but she was still a correct little thing. She had a number of wins as a dry yearling due to not having enough animals to make things official, and then needing to bring her to make things official just in case someone else wins but she was quite dominate in the show ring that season. As a milker she still was topping classes and had a few wins but did not finish her championship. Things came to a stop her three year old year when we realized she slipped her pregnancy early on and we didn't catch it until it was too late, and then she had a very traumatic kidding as a four year old due to a pair of large, uncooperative buck kids. After some therapy and lots of TLC she turned around and has been slowly getting her production back to match her extremely deep and wide frame. 

Between having singles, and her grumpy attitude comes in is she does not like anyone to milk her but me so we usually see a drop in her production while I'm on the road. From her extremely correct frame, I will give her the pass and keep this girl around. She has produced some lovely daughters, even if she's been stingy on does! Open also returned to the 2022 ADGA National Show and placed 5th along with winner the High Lifetime Milk and Butterfat even with all her considerable set ups. 

I hope to see her permanent championship processed, as this girl still has the show ring calling her name as a mature doe.