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Hops N Lops Farm

Rabbits and Dairy Goats in Harwinton, CT

Goats for Sale

Please read our goat sales policy before contacting us about purchasing goats. It can be found at the bottom of this page.

Semen for Sale

2 Bucks out of Delphini - $600


American Nubian

DOB: January 27, 2021

          SS: +*B GCH Wingwood Farm CM Atlante (02-01) EEE 91

S: *B Wingwood Farm Flyin Ambition

          SD: SGCH Wingwood Farm Tao Arista 2*M (06-04) VEEE 91 2015 Reserve Best Udder

          DS: +*B SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Drakon (02-03) VEE 90

D: Hops N Lops Delphini

          DD: Hops N Lops Belltrix 1*M (05-02) VEEE 91

I like these two bucks more and more everyday, just as I'm impressed with their beautiful dam. Excelling in width and length, they also stand on strong pasterns, good rear leg sets and have promising front ends. Their dam hasn't had a chance to get out of the barn as a milker due to COVID, but I think she is one of our hidden gems. She is the last maternal sister of GCH Wysteria 2*M EX90 and is similar to her is so many ways with more femininity and dairy strength. 

The available bucks are pictured on the left. They are so much nicer than their photos show. 

Bottom Photos (left to right):

Dam, Hops N Lops Delphini as a two year old first freshener - just fresh

Dam, Hops N Lops Delphini as a three year old

Dam, Hops N Lops Delphini as a three year old

Sire's Dam, SGCH Wingwood Farm Tao Arista 2*M EX91 (photo property of Wingwood Farm)

Sire's Sire's Littermate, SGCH Wingwood Farm Sweet Avina 3*M EX92 (photo property of Wingwood Farm)

Buck out of Raven Darkholme - $500



DOB: February 12, 2021

            SS: SG Wingwood Farm TL Atlas

S: *B LakeShore Midsmr Night's Dream

           DS: SG LakeShore Show Me Summer 5*M (01-02) VVVV 87

            DS: *B Wingwood Farm Flyin Ambition

D: Hops N Lops Raven Darkholme

            Hops N Lops Storm 5*M

Bottom Photos (left to right)

Dam, Hops N Lops Raven Darkholme

Dam's Dam, Hops N Lops Storm 3*M

Dam's Dam, Hops N Lops Storm 3*M

Maternal Granddam, Hops N Lops Mystique 2*M

Sire's Dam, SGCH Wingwood Farm Tao Arista 2*M EX91 (photo property of Wingwood Farm)

Saanen Grade Doe Kid - $1,000

75% Saanen Grade

Born January 2020

                    *B God's-Grace Italian Stallion

          Noble-Springs GGIS Truce

                    Noble-Springs MFD Timra

Noble-Springs NST Definitive

                   +B Noble-Springs Mo'effective (07-05) EEE 92

          Noble-Springs NSME Dayna 8*M

                   GCH Noble-Springs ASAS Daylily 7*M

                    +B Briar-Bay WL Smilin' Jack

        +*B Companeros Jack JustInTime (04-02) VEV 88

                    SG Companeros Stand Out Jade 10*M (03-04) EEEE 92

Hops N Lops Lumos Maxima (02-06) VVEE 87


         The Once in a Blue Moon 1*M (05-01) VEEE 90


Saanen Doe Kid - $800

American Saanen

Born January 2020

We have a promising doe kid available. I am considering her more of a brood doe, but there is potential to make it in the show ring with maturity. She would be a fantastic backyard milker for someone or even a starter doe for a youth herd. We have several buck on site that would be an excellent match for someone local who would like to come back for driveway breeding service in the future. She is a powerful kid with plenty of width throughout. Amazing pedigree and will be sold registered.

 ** Pet wether bottle baby trios available! **

2021 available buck and doe kids are listed on the breeding chart below. Some may become available later so check back.

2021 Breeding Plans & Kidding Schedule

We are willing to take reservations year round for $100 per kid reserved, no reservation is held until the deposit is received by PayPal (using the Friends and Family option) or check. We do allow second and third choices as long as they are due around the same time or in order of the doe's due date. A reservation is a held opportunity to purchased a potential available kid at the pre-reserved rate, we may need time to evaluate a kid before deciding if we will offer it for sale. Please refer to our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page for more information on our reservation process.

While we try to get quick "cute" photos of kids to send, we cannot guarantee we will have time to take "posed" photos of kids. Kidding season is an extremely busy time of year, and our first priority is the care and management of the herd. In our experience, performance data, a breeder's comments of the animal and their experience working with the genetics are far more valuable than a photo of a brand new kid.

Space is limited, so we do ask kids are picked up or shipped in a timely manner. We can keep kids for up to four weeks, but encourage them to be picked up by two weeks. We offer a $100 discount for kids picked up by two weeks of age. We airship kids by four weeks of age to make sure they don't exceed the size maximum.

We do expect to have milkers available each spring. We do not take reservations due to the unpredictability or which and how many animals will be available, but they will be posted both on our website and Facebook page as they become available. We do prefer to send pairs or trios of mature does to help their transition into their new home. We are selective where our mature animals go and want them to receive the same quality of care they are accustom to.

Please also refer to our term and conditions of sale below the breeding chart.

Due Date** = Confirmed via ultrasound or Bio-Tracking

Nubian Breeding Chart




Reservations & Prices

Bucks: $1,000

1st Buck Reserved (1st choice)




Saanen Breeding Chart



Due Date

Reservation Availability

Does: $500




Hops N Lops Jean Valjean & *B Talache 's Hallel

May 22

Jean / Hallel


Hops N Lops Amityville


LaMancha Breeding Chart



Due Date

Reservation Availability

Lynnhaven KT Malakula Kiss,

Lynnhaven BDH Cool Water &

Lynnhaven BDH The Heat Goes On

Accepting Buck Reservations

Wether Reservations:

We are currently taking wether (pair or trio) reservations for 2021. We do not take reservations on specific does, only for breeds. If you are interested please contact us. 

These are run on a first come, first served basis so do not wait to get your reservation in. Wethers will leave at a week old on bottles. They are extremely inexpensive and come disbudded and tattooed, we can help neuter them at a few weeks old for local owners.

Buying from Hops N Lops Farm

Reservation Policy: We offer the opportunity to reserve a spot in line for a Hops N Lops kid with a $100 deposit. 

Deposit and Payment Information: We accept payment via PayPal (using the friends or family option or covering fees), check or money order. We will give you the information at the time the deposit is made. Once you are notified your reservation has been fulfilled full payment must be made within 10 days. If the animal will be shipped, the shipping quote will be due before we make reservations. 

Once Your Kid is Born: x

Picking Up or Transporting Your Animal: While we encourage buyers to pick up kids whenever possible, that isn't always the case. If you are unable to pick up your kid in person we are able to airship them preferably out of Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT using American or Delta airlines. When needed, we are able to ship out of Newark, JFK or LaGuardia or Boston providing that our mileage is covered. The 2021 quite 

Transitioning: x

We offer the opportunity to reserve the option to purchase a Hops N Lops kid with a $100 deposit. A reservation is not made until the deposit has been received via PayPal, check, money order or cash. Please make checks payable to Grace Toy, and send all PayPal with the "sending to a friend/Friends & Family option. If the reservation cannot be fulfilled we will gladly return the deposit, move it to another animal or roll it over to the following year, but deposits are non-refundable if the reservation is cancelled by the buyer. We encourage you to select a second choice in the case that we cannot fulfill your first choice reservation, but prefer the second choice to be close to or after the first choice's due date. We reserve the right to retain any animal, or withdraw a sale if we feel the animal does not meet our quality standards. Hops N Lops Farm abides by ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (ADGA Guidebook, Bylaws Article XIX.)

Quoted prices are only for those with reservations, we do not guarantee prices for animals ordered after birth. Any animal not shipped or picked up by four weeks of age is subject to a per week boarding fee unless other arrangements have been made. We will notify you of the kid's birth, if we do not receive a response within five days we will assume the reservation has been cancelled. The payment and the shipping advance is due within 10 days of notification. No kid is registered or shipped until the full payment has been received (including but not limited to: estimated airfare, crate, veterinary fees). The 2019 shipping advance for one animal is $450 (combined weight under 50 lbs) or $550 (combined weight 50-70 lbs), any difference will be settled once we ship the kid. We prefer to ship out of Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT primarily using American Airlines but can ship out of New York City, Boston or Newark if mileage is covered.

Kids are disbudded, tattooed, registered and up to date on CD&T and coccidiosis prevention before leaving. Kids are registered prior to leaving and buck kids will be DNA typed. Once any animal leaves our care we cannot guarantee the health or show success. We reserve the right to purchase 20 straws of semen from any buck (adult or kid) sold by us at the per straw cost of collection. We ask that you refrain from marketing semen from bucks purchased from us until you've been able to evaluate his daughters in milk. 

We do offer pet wether reservations with a 50% deposit. Wethers are tattooed, disbudded and up to date on CD&T and coccidiosis prevention before leaving.