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Hops N Lops Farm

Nubian, Saanen and LaMancha Dairy Goats in Harwinton, CT

Driveway Breeding Services

We do offer the opportunity for approved, clean does from other herds to come for a driveway breeding. This year we are offering the following bucks for outside does. 

Please keep in mind, we ask the following health requirements for the health and safety of our bucks. We do not need to offer outside service, but we hope this is beneficial to the local goat community and helps prove our bucks as quality sires on a boarder scale than just selling frozen semen. These bucks are very carefully selected for their pedigrees and are extremely important to us and considerable financial investments.

Please contact us with further questions and inquires.


*B Wingwood Farm Flyin Ambition VG85 ($100)

*B LakeShore Midsmr Night's Dream EX90 ($100)

*B Hops N Lops Rule the Galaxy ($100)


+B Araby-Farm MFS Alcatraz EX92 ($125)

Beornings Chim Chim Cher-ee EX91 ($100)

*B Talache 's Hallel EX90 ($100)


Hops N Lops Jean Valjean ($100)

Health Requirements:

All does must have a negative CAE and CL test within 45 days of breeding. We highly encourage you to test with WADDL and do a full screening panel which also includes Johnes. We also will evaluate does for signs of illness or parasites before exposing our bucks to them. If does have any signs of something such as ring worm, sore mouth, or other concerns they will be turned away. The health of our bucks is most important to us.

Please note the following:

Contact us early! We all have obligations off farm as the farm is not our full time job. Please contact us early and keep us up to date on when you would like to breed your doe and when she is expected to be in heat. I do travel frequently and not all bucks are able to be used unless I am present. Please do not wait to contact us until your doe is in heat, we will not wave health requirements due to poor planning.

Controlling the doe is your responsibility! We do not have pens so she will need to be on a strong, appropriately filled collar and lead. Bucks are not small and can scare a doe, please make sure you are able to handle her or bring someone who can. Expect to hold lead during the visit.

Please do not wander the property! We do have livestock guardian dogs as well as house dogs and "watch geese." We ask that you stay in the part of the property we ask for bio-security concerns and to not upset our animals who are doing their jobs.

Payment is due at the time of breeding. Also note the fee does not guarantee you kids and is not rolled over to the following year or another animal if she does not settle, it is for our time. A fee covers two trips, if she needs to come back for a third or subsequent visits there is a fee per visit afterwards.

We do not offer any boarding services, if she is not yet in heat you will have to bring her back when she is.

We do not lease out bucks, we always have buck kids available in the spring and take reservations for the following kidding season year round.

We typically stop driveway breedings around January each year, please contact us to see if they will be available late in the season. Our bucks have been working since August, they are not as interested in does after January.